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EPKG: Simple Package Management[edit]

Standard package manager on Argent is epkg

In order to output all its options, you have: epkg --help

Standard options available: update, upgrade, install, remove, search

Backup Management[edit]

EPKG can backup all your personally configured and customized packages through the standard Portage configuration

For example, own Apache and MySQL configuration, all packed-up into Apache tbz2 package and MySQL tbz2 package

The precompiled versions can be used to be redistributed to thousands of other Argent servers around

Standard options: backuppkg, backupallpkg

To be used together with environment variable PKGDIR:

 PKGDIR="/path/to/any/backup/folder" epkg backuppkg <package>


 PKGDIR="/path/to/any/backup/folder" epkg backupallpkg

The PKGDIR variable has default to /usr/portage/packages

Tips: This option can be used to downgrade or upgrade a package directly from the PKGDIR directory which you setup

The PKGDIR is predefined to default to /usr/portage/packages, so be careful on how you're using it or why you're using it

Tips: Backup Management[edit]

As you can see, the package is available and was created by backuppkg command previously, in the /tmp/whatever/ folder

Tips & Notes: Backing up a package function is actually a wrapper of quickpkg command from Gentoo

Tips & Notes: The backed-up package will have the same version, dependencies and configurations as the original package which is installed on the original system!

Recovery: Backup Management[edit]

 PKGDIR="/tmp/whatever" epkg install <backed-up-package>

The command will reinstall the named package from a previous backed-up stage