Installing Argent

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Passwords for Users and Installation

Password for user argent is:


Password for Install Argent icon on the screen, and root account:


Getting the ISO and installing on a USB stick: Unetbootin

In order to download the ISO, you need to get it from here:

In order to install it on a USB stick, use Unetbootin

You must set the USB Stick Label to mandatory: ARGENT

Optional: Users with Rufus

Please note: Using Rufus with the recommended setting called ISO Mode will result in ISO booting only in UEFI!

Use Rufus in DD Mode if you have a old laptop with BIOS MSDOS Partition Table!

Unetbootin example

Graphical Installation

Argent has its graphical installation based on Calamares, hence it's easy to use.

In this documentation we will show a few screenshots on how a normal installation looks like.